V2 Fluoroscope Software

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V2 software is designed for acquisition of high-SNR images from X-ray fluoroscopes by means of real time frame averaging of the video stream.  The software is especially useful for digital industrial fluoroscopes of direct type, i.e. working without an image intensifier tube.

V2 should work with all cameras which have standard DirectShow Windows driver. It allows to investigate the live image by stretching of its grey-value histogram and zooming in the spatial region of interest, performs imager correction (spatial and temporal) and, finally, the integration result can be saved as a standard 16-bit grey-level TIFF image.

V2 is provided free of charge for research, education and evaluation purposes and can be downloaded below.  If you like to be informed about recent changes and updates of the software please register by droping us a line to support@vision-in-x.com with your contact information or visit vision-in-x.com on regular basis.

It is not allowed to use the free V2 for commercial purposes.  If you want to use the software commercially, please contact us in advance.

Download the latest V2 version: V2-20151108-x86.zip

Installation of V2: The above archive can be unziped to your prefered destination (it is "portable").  Please note that this is a 32-bit software and will not "see" 64-bit DirectShow drivers.  Therefore, using it on a 64-bit platform, take care that 32-bit version of your device driver is installed as well.

For more information please contact

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Alekseychuk
tel: +49 163 9135650 or +49 30 9653 4837