Consulting and support services

There are a few important differences between digital and film-based radiographic testing, in initial setup as well as in use.  Vision in X offers consulting and support of clients who are just going to or have already performed digital conversion.

We offer not only the initial training with a new system and software, but also a long-term support.  Vision in X possesses over a decade of technical expertise in digital industrial radiography and can help with a wide spectrum of questions.  As former BAM employees we have taken part in several research projects devoted to film replacement for industrial applications and were involved in the development of several standards in the field, including the new ISO 17636-2 for the digital welding inspection.

Topics may begin with the understanding of physical and informational processes in the system and go up to practical assistance in reaching compliance to particular standards and regulations.  We advise and guide you through the whole conversion to digital radiography: selection of detectors and X-ray sources, conceptioning of the new system, stardardization, optimization of image quality, software solution, long-time data archiving and quality management.  Do you have urgent questions or difficulties?  We can help you!

Training and DIR education

Another center of our competence is digital image processing in application to industrial radiography.  A few international training courses have been already conducted in last years dedicated to this topic.

Typical goals of these courses:

  • Give participants insights into digital image processing and digital image analysis techniques
  • Help to understand details and reasons of application of image processing in digital industrial radiography (also understand which approaches are not reasonable and should be avoided)
  • Learn which kinds of image imperfections are important for digital industrial radiography and how to assess of image quality according to current standards
  • Perform practical training on the above topics and for selected practical applications in so-called "hands-on" sessions

All lectures are complimented with practical exercises or case studies (hands-on sessions).  Available languages are English or German.  Due to the workshop-like nature of the course it is well suited for small groups.  If you are interested in participation in such a course or in conduction of a workshop at your company, please contact us.  Topics can be as follows (exemplary):

  • Basics of digital imaging (terms and definitions, digital image and image characteristics)
  • Digital radiographic systems (structure, standards, detector overview, image formats, software)
  • Image imperfections (spatial unsharpness, noise, transfer function and typs of its distortions, quantization problems, aliasing and jitter, etc.)
  • Image characterisation (histogram analysis, transfer function and contrast sensitivity, spatial resolution, signal to noise ratio (SNR) and contrast to noise ratio (CNR), etc.)  This part is essential for application of the following ASTM/ISO standards:
    • E2597 (characterisation of DDAs),
    • E2446 and EN/ISO 14784 (classification of CR systems),
    • E2445 (long term stability of CR systems),
    • E1936 and EN/ISO 14096 (NDT film digitalization),
    • E1815 and EN 584 (classification of film systems for industrial radiography)
  • Flaw measurements (dimensional measurements and wall thickness (tangential and double wall technique))
  • Image processing (scale and point transformations, detector calibration, linear operators, non-linear operations, Fourier anylysis, global approaches)
  • Advances topics (optional, exemplary, on explicit wish of participants): e.g. pattern recognition and computer vision (segmentation, texture description, salient points, optimization, registration)

For more information please contact

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Alekseychuk
tel: +49 163 9135650 or +49 30 9653 4837