Modular and flexible

ISee! Professional is flexible and universally applicable thanks to its modular design and powerful Plug-In API.  Modules can be easily added or removed according to the specific requirements of a particular user.  Modular design allows us to offer solutions to our users which best fits their requirements and needs.  This finally boils down to lower costs, clearer handling and better efficiency.  Besides standard modules, custom on-demand developments are possible in an economical way.

ISee! Professional implements a powerful build-in scripting language, offering a rich set of functions and opening up a range of possibilities.  This allows advanced users to write fairly sophisticated programs to be executed within it.  By writing their own programs (scripts) users can perform customization or automation of some processes, e.g. define a certain workflow, perform batch processing, controll external devices, do data collection, etc.  One example is image acquisition for CT and laminography applications.  Vision in X can also write and provide such scripts according to user requests, so that they will have a good starting point for further work.

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